Covid Anti-Ligature Barriers in Brooklyn, NY

Strong Safety Measures

The COVID-19 pandemic increased the need and quantity of work done by medical institutions in the Brooklyn, NY area and nationwide. This illness also created the need for stronger safety measures to help prevent its spread and minimize exposure by healthcare professionals. Safely treating those with COVID precautions, such as COVID barriers and anti-ligature barriers, is critical. These barriers of protection help keep not only staff safe but patients as well.

Respectful Casualty Management Systems

When dealing with a major pandemic, casualties are sadly an unavoidable aspect of such an event. We have assisted medical service providers and hospitals with the management of casualties through the design of customized equipment designed to help them do this needed aspect of their job.

Throughout the entire process, we kept in mind the dignity and respect of those involved and all our equipment is designed to both be functional and also remember that the departed are to be treated with respect. Some of the equipment we designed included proper support for transportation, lifts, storage assistance tools, and customized gurneys.

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Safety Precautions

At Facilitator Technologies, we assisted medical centers with the installation of safety precautions to improve the overall health and well-being of medical staff and patients alike. This is not the only area of COVID we have and can assist with. We also design customized equipment to assist medical professionals throughout the COVID treatment process. One area where we have provided care is in the development of causality management equipment.

When You Need COVID Equipment

In the medical field, you need the proper equipment to do the job right, and one of the chief concerns is proper safety measures. COVID is a once-in-a-generation event that continues to impact the medical industry and will likely do so in the immediate future. To properly treat the sick and keep your staff safe, measures such as COVID/Anti-Ligature Patient & Staff Barriers are a must. Also, having the proper equipment to safely serve casualties is a key part of the treatment process.

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