Current industry standard engineered-solutions are based upon actuary calculations/predictions, not by embracing actual usage.

FT’s solutions are based upon 40 years of field proven experience installing, repairing and inspecting doors, windows and other specialty projects for most NY metro area healthcare facilities.

FT’s goal is to be your facility’s “go to” as a 1-stop strategic resource providing clients the confidence in an appropriate, intuitive, cost effective and code compliant solution.

Without an Appropriately Defined Stakeholder Group, It is Impossible to Determine Actual Required Daily and Event Usage Requirements

Criteria Based Upon Lowest Price & NOT Lifecycle Costs; Multiple Departments Focused on Individual Aspects; Focus on Code Requirements not User Needs; Projects Often Involve Multiple Cost Centers With No Way to Calculate Overall Cost

Multiple Department & Vendor Utilization

Comprehensive Commissioning/In-Service is Usually Not Performed & Virtually Impossible to Do

Design Expertise

Understanding Stakeholder Needs
Code Knowledge & Application of Relevant Standards
Incorporating Wall & Area Boundary Requirements
Robust Component Selection & Fabrication

Brand Familiarity

Assured Synchronization of Stand-Alone Systems
Able to Diagnose & Optimize Existing Legacy Products
Employ The Right Components Based on Lifespan, Durability, Availability & Cost


Ability to Expedite Material Sourcing
Quality Optimized Manufacturing
Wide Range of Associates & Partners to Respond to a Variety of Urgent Needs


Incorporate All Aspects of the Design Criteria to Ensure the Completed Task Meets All Code and User Needs
Ability to Provide Inservice to Validate Design & Potentially Modify Accordingly

Response Time

On-Hand Inventory of Relevant Materials
Multi-teamed Rapid Deployment: Repairs & Installations
Immediate Emergency Task Resolution