• FTI prioritizes patient and staff safety BEFORE catastrophic events, allowing “missed opportunities” to be avoided and is a means of time proven success.
  • FTI offerings include esthetic, purposeful zFacilitator™ ballistic enclosures, desks and podiums designed to facilitate daily staff/patient/visitor/vendor communication & transactions while preventing airborne transfer and unauthorized interactions.
  • FTI understands the conflicting requirements of healthcare doors. Overall “doorways” must provide reliability for both daily usage & patient/occupant event management as well as security/fire/smoke compartmentation.
  • FTI is one of a handful of firms that has the proven experience in required multifaceted design, fabrication and installation as well as providing in-service that meets and exceeds user expectations, code compliance and reliable longterm operation.
  • Facilitator Technologies™ strives to provide a true “environment of care”, where staff can feel safe in their workplace and patients can feel confident in getting the appropriate level of care.
  • Facilitator Technologies™ takes an end-to-end approach to completing each task given. We include all stakeholders and incorporate Lessons Learned, provide code compliant solutions that meet daily high-volume user needs and ensure a reduced Total Cost of Ownership.

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