Safety Doors & Windows for Security in Brooklyn, NY

Over 40 Years Of Experience

At Facilitator Technologies, we have over 40 years of experience in the installation of safety doors and safety windows in a variety of applications and designs. We have been helping secure some of the most vital industries in Brooklyn NY, and we want to help you stay safe. Our safety doors and windows are designed and fabricated to meet your specific needs and adhere to any compliance rules and regulations.

Considerations in Door and Window Design

In healthcare and other critical industries, safety is of utmost importance. Doors and windows used in such high-stress situations have to be designed to keep employees safe and provide proper points of control when dealing with visitors, patients, and the broader public. Facilitator Technologies employs a multipoint process in all of our installation projects to ensure the desired results and safety standards you expect.

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Custom Work or Repair Considerations

When installing custom work or repairing an existing door or window, we always keep the following considerations in mind.

  • Specific Departments: We design for various departments and business types such as common facilities, infection control locations, security, and patient transportation.
  • Components: Security doors and windows are more complex than they first appear, and we always keep the various parts that go into their construction in mind. Components such as the frame, hinges, panic hardware, auto operator, mag-locks, fire alarm, intercom, glass, card swiper, key override, and detection are always given careful review.
  • Vendors: Careful review is given to all vendors we work with to ensure the highest quality. We work with the best vendors in a wide assortment of specific trades and skills ranging from masons to technology firms. We stand by all the work we do and only work with vendors that meet our highest standards.

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When you need to improve or repair your existing door and window security reach out to us today. We have years of experience in custom design and installation to produce the exact results you need.

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